December 27


08:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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2021 Word of the Year Meditation

Growth and expansion begin with awareness and rely on intention. The beauty of this work is that you don’t need any special training. Whether it is your first time meditating or you have mastered the art, coming together in-breath and with an open heart will open the pathways needed to discover your dedicated word for 2021.

What’s the benefit of having a word? Think of the word as an overarching theme for your upcoming year. A word that you can come back to time and again to reflect on. It is a marker to ensure you are in alignment with your highest vision of self.

What do you need? A device that can connect to Zoom. A journal and pen. We recommend a quiet space for the duration of the call where lights can easily be turned on and off. You may find comfort in Zooming from a yoga mat, with a blanket, or mediation pillow, but none of these are required.

What can you expect? A brief introduction to the unfolding of the event. Group breathwork 5-10 min. A prompted journaling & close. Complete with Q&A and group conversation.